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Communication - Culture - Leadership

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Multiplus Cross Border Communication is one of the leading Indian Cross cultural business constants based in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. As you might know India is far most the best attractive country in the world for offshore outsourcing. India is excellent in Government support, labour pool, infrastructure, education system, cost benefits, political stability, cultural compatibility, data/IP security, credibility and quality, and overall climate.

So does it now mean by utilizing this profitable resources that you are going to become successful when you are outsourcing your business to India? Not yet, because outsourcing goes hand to hand with working with people from different culture that has a magnificent impact on the organization of work, work relation and personal relation. Culture is not only how we dress, what we eat, music we like, how we see and depict beauty? There is much more. Almost everything we do, how we give and receive information, make decisions, lead and manage, view authority, working team, use of space and time, is influenced by culture. Cultural behaviour is the end product of collective wisdom, filtered and passed down through hundreds of generations as shared core beliefs, values, assumptions, notions, and persistent action patterns. In other words: culture is the collective programming of the mind that distinguishes the members of one human group from another.

Our prime objective is to train and advise foreign outsourcing companies in becoming more competitive and successful in India by becoming more aware how culture is influencing business relation. We offer you the cultural knowledge that you need to work successfully in India. With our Cross-cultural training program you will become more successful in your outsourcing activities while understanding the differences in communication patterns and styles, preferences for leadership approach and style, different principles and notations of hierarchy and organizational structures, and different systems of decision-making. At the same time we also train Indian companies and employees to get fit in your desirable working attitude.

Multiplus Cross Border Communication is an Indian company based in Bangalore and forms part of Multiplus International Ltd. Our trainers are from India and different European countries. We are a training and consultancy organization specialized in Cross-Cultural Management and Human Resources Development (HRD). We offer our services all over India.



As a cross-cultural linguist, I am honoured to be part of the conceptual basis of an international business venture called Multiplus Cross Border Communication, located in Bangalore, India. The company is focused on offering training courses to staff of multinational companies, in relation to cross-cultural management.

I believe that Multiplus will provide the highest quality value in supplying your staff members with the best insights and capabilities regarding cross cultural interaction and communication; assets that are a credit to any organisation which aims to act productively in cross-cultural management, especially where outsourcing is concerned. I wish you inspiration, wisdom and fortune.

- Richard D. Lewis

Richard D. Lewis

Mr. D. Richard Lewis is founder of Richard Lewis Communications and author of several books such as his best seller “When Cultures Collide”, as well as “The Cultural Imperative” and “Humour across Frontiers”.

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